The building project update for the new Pavilion with Selsey Football Club


Update on new building. 9/11/2023

Work has continued on the project, Surveys, building reg. fire strategy etc have been undertaken and paid for.

A project manager is now in place Nathen Bennett, who has been a tremendous help.

Debs is still putting in for community funding bids.

If the money isn’t available to build the project in one go, we will split it into two phases,

phase 1. social area, toilets, kitchen area

Phase 2   new changing rooms.

Phase 1 can be split into 3 areas.

1 underground work, footings

2 roof structure

3 external and internal walls etc

We will get quotes for these areas, compare this against monies we hold, and decide on start date after Jan 24

If funding comes in after Jan 24, we may be able to progress with the whole project.

Andy Horner


New Selsey Cricket Club Pavilion

Revised plans have been submitted to planning to incorporate details and requirements from  the FA and the ECB, these are with planners at the moment and a small fee has been paid. Also the architect is sorting Building regulations , all to be sorted by mid April .

There have been regular meetings between the Football Club and Cricket Club and Selsey Sports Dream to discuss the finances for the building.

We have monies from Selsey Cricket Club, Selsey Football Club , Selsey Town Counciland Chichester District Council and  at the present time Mike Nicholls  is Putting in bids to the FA and other funders.

We have been in discussion with Covers of Chichester for  materials and sponsorship and are awaiting a meeting with theIr representative Lee.

We have also been in contact with Open Reach concerning the optical fibre cables that run across the proposed site and are awaiting their reply to have them moved.

We have a further meeting in early April to review the position and confirm the date of starting the building Work.

Our Aim is still to start the project by this Spring April /May

Andy Horner


Selsey Cricket Club.