Annual PRESENTATION evening 2018

with curry supper

Photos from the Presentation Evening 2018


The Annual Presentation Evening took place on Saturday 1st December, despite having a very small turnout, the evening was enjoyed by those who attended.

The Presentation of awards was made by the Club President John Reeve, and the Saturday Captain Tom Cripps and Sunday Captain Stuart Montague.

Thanks to Pete Amis for compiling the Averages.

The presentation was followed by a meal of Curry and Stew cooked by Ricky

Thanks to Pete & Carol Driscoll for setting up the tables and decorating the Club, and to Brian Pleasance and Ness & Ian Stocks for doing the bar.

We will be sending out copies of the Averages later, and publishing photos taken by and thanks to Bob Hoare.

This is a list of cups an awards for 2018.

Veterans Cup.                                                                 Tig Hoare

The Wally Lightfoot Sportsmans Cup.                         Farhan Bhutta

Patrick Halpin Cup most improved Young Player.       Will Harper

Ian Holmes Cup for Fielding                                           Nick Horner

The Ron Maidment Cup for Man of the Match.            Nick Horner & Brad Rose

The Duck Cup. (5).                                                           Tom Cripps

The Paul Fisher Cup for the Highest Scorer  (110).       Martin Lee

The Frank Fullick Cup for catching (6).                           Farhan Bhutta

First Team Batting Shield (Av 56.60).                              Brad Rose

First Team Bowling Shield.                                                Pete Horner 

The Sir Patrick Moore Cup for Bowling (av 20.93).        Farhan Bhutta

The Ted Davis Cup for Batting.                                         Brad Rose

The Frost Cup                                                                      Andy Horner

The Les Stroud Cup for a non player.                               Deb Heath

The John Miller Cup.                                                           Tom Amis

The Robert Murphy Cup.                                                     Martin Lee

First Teams Captains Cup.                                                 Luke Cawte

The Bert Buck Players Player Cup.                                    Tom Cripps & Nick Horner

The Derek Gardiner Cup for Player of the Year.                Nick Horner

Once again thank you to those who attended and for all the people who made this evening happen.


The Annual Presentation Evening will take place in the Pavilion on Saturday 1st December.

Club opens at 7:00 pm for 8:00 Presentation of Awards and Cups.

All members playing and Non Playing, Friends and Family Welcome.

Ricky will cook a curry & Rice and a stew, All we ask is you make a donation to the Club for the food, can everyone let us know if you are attending and your choice of food.

We can do a Vegetarian choice on Request. 

There will be Music and Cheap drinks !

Any further information please email us on

Can people please return their Cups and Awards to the Club ASAP or to the President John Reeve.

Just a reminder to let us know your menu choice for the Annual Presentation and Meal Evening ASAP