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A message from the Chairman of Selsey Cricket Club Andy Horner.

Following  the Selsey Cricket Club meeting last night the committee have decided that the clubhouse and bar  will remain closed for the rest of the season.

Matches will continue through to the end of September.

During the winter period the committee will get the club ready for reopening for the new season.

Return of Cricket at Selsey.

Following a meeting tonight Friday 10th july Selsey Cricket Club Committe are pleased to announce the return to playing of recreational cricket to Selsey from next weekend with a scheduled home friendly scheduled for ‪sunday 19th july‬.

We will also be entering the Sussex Cricket League August cup played on Saturdays throughout august.

These games will be played under the guidance issued by the government and the ECB.

All these guidelines will be found on our club website in due course. Unfortunately the clubhouse remains closed until further notice.

Nic Nolan Selsey CC Secretary on behalf of Selsey CC Committee

A message from the Chairman.

Dear All,

Following a meeting to discuss the way forward for the club during this unusual period ,the following decisions have been made by the committee

We have separated the problem in to 2 areas, 1. Playing Cricket & 2. Opening Club House.

  1. Playing cricket

We have put our name down to enter the AUGUST CUP, this is run by the Sussex cricket league and proper guidelines need to be adhered to. More details to follow.

Breaking news, the prime minister is to allow the start of domestic cricket, we don’t know in what format or safety precautions we have to take, but as soon as the guide lines are published this week your committee will review, and publish their decision.

No cricket will take place until a Risk Assessment is completed and everyone is familiar with its findings.

  1. Opening the club house/bar

This is a different matter, we are governed by many areas, ie Government guidance on social distancing, ECB Guidance, WSCC guidance, Insurance company, Town council guidance.

We have to ensure there is a communication strategy, assess maximum occupancy of social area 2 metres and  1 Meter + social distancing , establishing a suitable one way system , ventilation, Signage, Plan for wet weather, contactless payment system, cleaning of touch points, suitable PPE, hourly cleaning regime complete a risk assessment and communicate this to everyone , members and visiting teams. This list is not exhaustive there is much much more.

In light of this the committee have decided not to open the Club House at the present time.  We will review the decision again in August.

The latest E mail from the ECB can be found on our web site and this has all the links to the areas that I have mentioned.

Netting is still available and is run by Tom Cripps, please contact him if you wish to participate.

These decisions have been made by the committee taking into account the safety for all our members and visitors.

Stay safe everyone

Andy H. Chairman

This is a copy of the latest communication from the The 1st Central Sussex Cricket League about the restart of the league this season.

As you’ll be aware from my last update, the Executive Committee of the 1st Central Sussex Cricket League had put a plan in place to commence the 2020 season ‪on 4th July‬ and to play the second half of the league season. There have been various developments since then and you will have seen the announcement on Friday that small groups of up to six people may now net / practice together, which is a welcome step forward. However recreational cricket in organised game play format remains suspended until further notice and any relaxation of that is subject to Government and ECB guidance. 
The latest advice from the ECB last week indicated that a return to recreational cricket remains at least a month away. This suggests that an early July start is becoming less realistic and we must therefore begin to plan for a later start date. The next ECB call is ‪on 17th June‬. If we do not receive the go ahead on that call to start at the beginning of July, we will need to abandon the current plan. Either way, we will let you know for certain by ‪19th June‬ whether the SCL is going to begin as planned. From the feedback we’ve had from clubs and local authorities, that should be sufficient time to prepare pitches.

IF WE CAN STILL START IN JULY, the following decisions have been taken by the Exec, giving due consideration to your survey responses: –
• The T20 competitions have been cancelled for 2020. We have simply fallen too far behind to complete all the fixtures. Additionally, we would have been very unlikely to be able to play Finals Day at Hove.
• There will be no promotion or relegation in 2020. Your responses indicated that the majority of clubs felt there are too many moving parts to make promotion and relegation viable.
• We won’t be continuing the season past the scheduled finish date. We had suggested this might work in the top two divisions, however there was not enough buy in from those clubs to pursue it.
• With the cancellation of the T20, ‪4th July‬ is left with just the 26 fixtures that had originally been scheduled for 2nd May. These are shown on the attached spreadsheet. We are assuming that some of the events that caused the fixtures to be moved originally are now not happening and we would like to move as many as possible back to the original date, to have a better chance of playing them. Therefore, if you are the club that requested the change, please advise whether the fixture can now be moved back to the original date. If not, it will stay ‪on 4th July‬.
• We will be discussing the supply of cricket balls with Gray-Nicolls over the next week to ensure that they can service demand for an ‪11th July‬ start.
IF WE CANNOT START IN JULY, we have identified two realistic options: –
• Play whatever matches are possible as friendlies based on the current fixture list, from whenever we are allowed to start.
• Organise some competitive cricket, tailored to the circumstances we will be in. This would broadly be a localised T20 group based competition played across August. The idea is that everyone would have 5/6 matches and there would be some kind of finals event at the end for the group winners. We will spend the next couple of weeks looking at the feasibility of this.
Whatever we do will be entirely optional. We understand and appreciate that many players and, in some cases, entire clubs will simply not want to play cricket this season.
In summary, the Exec is planning for both outcomes whilst still very much hoping for the first. As ever, if you have any questions please send them to We will advise next steps by ‪19th June‬

Update in the use of nets at Selsey Cricket Club.

Information from the Chairman on the use of Nets at Selsey Cricket Club.

The clubs nets  can now be used, under strict guidelines.

They can be booked through Tom Cripps ,club facilitator for running the nets.

His number is ‪07787429495‬

Only 2 people can use the facility at an one time, and rules on social distancing must be observed .

The club house will not be open at this time.

1. You can exercise outdoors on your own, with members of your household or with one other person from outside your household while keeping two metres apart at all times.

You must only exercise in groups of no more than two people, unless you are exercising exclusively with members of your household.

2. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).

3. Only 2 people in the net in one booking period

4. Only one-to-one coaching is permitted per session.

5. Club House will be closed, No indoor activity at all.

6. Players are to provide their own equipment.
There is to be no sharing of equipment

7. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.

8. Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitizer.

9. Any areas of nets that are touched to gain access and secure facility ,ie padlock, gate, should be disinfected/wiped down after use .

10. The facilitator will be the nominated person to take bookings, control use of nets and periods of use and must always be present when in use.

If this is not possible the facilitator will arrange a substitute/responsible person from the committee to control the nets safely.

11. The facilitator will send a text to nominated committee members , A Horner, Nick Nolan and Ian Stocks confirming date of use ,time and numbers prior to the facility being used.

12. Sessions should be 30mins in length and 15 mins between each session to allow for changeover and cleaning

13. Only the netting facility is to be used by the club house

All activity should be consistent with the Government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene.

Important information from the Committee regarding the future of the 2020 season, please everyone share this, Thanks.

The Chairman and committee of Selsey Cricket Club, has asked me to send out the following information about the 2020 season.

First of all along with Government regulations, there will be no cricket or training until further notice, the club bar will of course not open until allowed hopefully later in the Season.

The Sir Patrick Moore match on the 10th of May is unlikely to go ahead, but the club will make a decision as soon as regulations becomes clearer, if it does go ahead this year it will be without food, stalls, rides etc, so not the normal family day out as usual.

Later in August the Beer & Rounders and Family day is still scheduled to go ahead, as planned, but we will keep you updated regularly.

Unfortunately the committee will have to make a lot of difficult decisions, whilst keeping to government, ECB and a league guidelines.

If any members or supporters think they can help in anyway please let us know, as our income will be zero and without the bigger earning days, donations will be gratefully received as we still have substantial overheads.

Message from Sussex Cricket and link to ECB statement.

Following the note from the ECB (found here outlining that in the immediate short term future all community cricket sessions including training and pre-season friendlies should be postponed, we wanted to update you as to what this means in Sussex.

Based on the advice from the ECB, Chance to Shine, Lord’s Taverners alongside the Government we have taken the decision to suspend all delivery of the Sussex Cricket Foundation. While this decision has not been taken lightly, we must work to reduce the risk and impact of coronavirus of our participants, staff and the wider community.

During this time of uncertainty, the Sussex Cricket Foundation team are all on hand to support local cricket and communities as best we can.

We remain firmly of the belief that cricket plays a key role in supporting the nation during this tough time.

Message from the Chairman of Selsey Cricket Club.

These are really strange times, as a committee we have now agreed to follow the ECB guidelines, playing cricket will cease and the club will be closed until such times as it will be appropriate to open.

Please keep in touch ,support each other and our love ones ,we all need to stand together and have a common sense approach to the virus, keep fit.

We will update as information becomes available.

If anyone has any concerns please feel free to contact the committee.

Yours sincerely

Andy Horner Selsey CC Chairman on behalf of Selsey CC Committee

Please keep your eye on our Website for updates and of course our Facebook Page.

Ricky Halpin
Selsey Cricket Club.
‪07968 961323‬